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The City of Chilliwack joins Multi-Material BC Program February 1, 2017

Chilliwack Joins MMBC

The City of Chilliwack has received confirmation from Multi-Material BC (MMBC) that we have been approved to enter into an agreement with MMBC to receive financial incentives for the recyclables collected through our Curbside Collection Program.

The requirement for a packaging and printed paper stewardship program was established by the Provincial Government to shift responsibility for end-of-life management of packaging and printed paper from local governments and residential taxpayers to the businesses that produce these materials. MMBC was approved by the Provincial Government to administer the stewardship program.

MMBC’s stewardship program commenced in May 2014, and the City of Chilliwack has been on a waitlist to join the program since that time, along with a number of other communities including Abbotsford, Mission and Kamloops.

“The City of Chilliwack lobbied extensively to join the MMBC program in order to receive the same financial incentives as other communities and would like to thank Minister Polack for addressing our concerns,” said Mayor Sharon Gaetz. “We are happy to receive this confirmation of inclusion from MMBC and the financial incentives will help us keep Curbside Collection fees low.”

Being part of the MMBC program will bring some changes to the types of materials that can be recycled through the Curbside Collection Program. Residents currently receiving Curbside Collection from the City will be provided more information before the changes come into effect on March 1, 2017.

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