Protect our Storm Drains

Storm drains, the square metal grates located at the sides of curbs or streets, often empty rainwater and runoff directly into our groundwater, lakes or rivers.  Unlike the water from your household drains, storm water does not pass through a water treatment plant.

Tips to eliminate polluted runoff in storm drains:

  • Use fertilizers and pesticides only as necessary.
  • Keep grass clippings, trash and dirt off the streets and out of the gutters.
  • Never dispose of hazardous products by dumping them into storm drains.
  • Fix any oil or antifreeze leaks your vehicle may have.
  • Take extra care when changing your vehicle's oil.  Ensure that the oil is disposed of properly at a designated facility, and that no oil is entering the storm drain.

Report chemical spills to the proper authority in order to assess the potential damages they may cause.  Spills can be reported to: 

  • City of Chilliwack, (604) 793-2907, or
  • Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, (604) 582-5200.