Landscaping Plan Requirements

Landscaping Plan Requirements for

Multi-family Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Development 


A Guide to the Municipal Approvals Process in Chilliwack




The purpose of this information provides guidelines for the preparation of landscaping plans required for a development permit (form & character) and/or building permit application review (for new development or changes to existing development).

Fencing, Screening and Landscaping Requirements

Fencing, screening and landscaping requirements for multi-family residential, commercial, institutional and industrial development are contained within Section 5.05 of City of Chilliwack Zoning Bylaw 2001, No. 2800 and supplemented in the Official Community Plan by design guidelines for Development Permit Areas (controlling form and character of development). 


Landscape Architect Plan Certification


Planning and designing of landscape work required to be completed by a professional consultant having expertise appropriate to the needs of the project, as contained within Section 5.05 (8) and (9) of City of Chilliwack Zoning Bylaw 2001, No. 2800, may include (but is not limited to): a landscape architect, professional horticulturalist, urban forester, arborist, environmental consultant or agronomist.  The provision of Schedules of Assurance as part of the Building Permit process certifies the work has been completed by a professional, necessary field reviews are conducted and provides confirmation that the work has been completed as per the approved landscape drawings.


The City of Chilliwack accepts the BCSLA when signed and sealed by a registered landscape architect.

Landscape Plan Requirements


Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw 2014, No. 3055 outlines the information to be included in landscape plans:


(1)            Date, scale, north arrow, names, addresses and telephone numbers of both the property owner and the person preparing the plan


(2)            Project name, street address and legal description of the subject property


(3)            Location of existing boundary lines and dimensions of the property, and the zoning classifications of the property and its adjacent properties.  A vicinity map shall be attached to or rendered a part of the plan


(4)            Existing and proposed contour lines and dimensions of the property, and the zoning classifications of the property and adjacent properties.  A vicinity map shall be attached to or rendered a part of the plan


(5)            Approximate centerlines of existing water courses, the location of the floodway, and the location and size of existing and proposed streets and alleys, utility easements, driveways and sidewalks on or adjacent to the property


(6)            Existing and proposed contour lines sufficient to identify and properly specify landscaping for areas where grade changes and screening are proposed  (0.3 to 0.5 m contour intervals are recommended)


(7)            Project data information, including the total area of the property, building footprints, parking and other vehicular use areas, and landscaped (general and extensively planted) areas


(8)             Location, height and material of the proposed screening, fencing and berms


(9)            Complete description of plant materials shown on the plan, including names (common and botanical names), locations, quantities, container or caliper sizes, heights, spread and spacing at installation


(10)         Location, height/size and type of existing vegetation to be preserved


(11)         A description of how existing vegetation proposed for preservation will be protected during construction


(12)        Parking layout and the number of parking spaces provided


(13)        Size, height, location and material of the proposed seating, lighting, planters, sculptures and water features



Example landscape plans





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The attached brochure below is one in a series of public information brochures covering the Municipal Approvals process in the City of Chilliwack.


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These brochures, as well as development applications, can also be found online.


This information has been prepared to provide guidance only.  It is neither a bylaw nor a legal document.  Please consult the Local Government Act and its regulations, and the City of Chilliwack applicable bylaws for definite requirements and procedures.

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