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2024 Drainage Designs Back
Closing Information
This bid opportunity is closed. The contract has not been awarded yet.
Bid Information

The City is seeking engineering consulting services for the design of two drainage projects. The projects are required to replace end of life stormwater infrastructure and reduce flood risk.

1) Sunset Storm Sewer Bursting Project

Trenchless replacement of a storm main through private property is required to restore drainage capacity to Sunset Drive. The existing 200mm clay pipe which runs through 9030 Sunset Drive to Menholm Road is in very poor condition due to offset joints, root balls, sediment deposition, and failing pipe. As there is currently no existing Statutory Right of Way, proximity to house foundations, and poor access, typical cut and cover installation is not feasible without extreme risk and impact. The intended installation of this project is in 2024.

2) Payne Road Culvert Replacement

The existing 1200mm CSP culvert is on a rural gravel road located on a sharp corner. The CSP culvert is near end of life and needs to replaced, and additionally, the corner causes a safety risk for turning trailers. The gravel road is approximately 5m in width and soft shoulders erode during rainfall, while trailer wheels ride on the very edge through the turning movement. The culvert needs to be lengthened and/or relocated slightly downstream to reduce the turn radius so farm vehicles, hay trucks, and trailers can safely make the turn. The installation of this culvert is anticipated in August 2025.

January 24, 2024 3:00 PM


Kristian Biela
Project Manager
[email protected]
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