FireSmart BC

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Exploring FireSmart Together in Chilliwack

Welcome to the beginning of your FireSmart journey! We invite homeowners like you to join us in starting the conversation and actively engaging in FireSmart initiatives.

Chilliwack is building upon the valuable lessons gleaned from years of intense fires across the province and acknowledge the significance of taking proactive measures to address the risks posed by wildfires.

Initiating the FireSmart conversation is the first step towards creating a safer, more resilient Chilliwack. By engaging homeowners, we aim to build awareness, share insights, and collaboratively plan for the implementation of FireSmart principles.

As we diligently work behind the scenes to enhance our educational initiatives and programming, we invite you to explore the available FireSmart resources. These valuable materials have been curated to provide you with essential information on wildfire preparedness, safety measures, and the implementation of FireSmart practices. Take advantage of these resources to empower yourself and stay informed about creating a safer and more resilient community. Keep an eye out for upcoming education and programming opportunities as we continue to strengthen our commitment to FireSmart in Chilliwack.

Click on the FireSmart BC links below for more information:

Begins at Home

Landscaping Hub

Plant Chart Booklet

Landscaping Guide

Guide to Lower Risk Plants for Hedges, Privacy & Screening

The Farm/Ranch Wildfire Plan Guide and Workbook

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