Trucked Liquid Waste

The City of Chilliwack has a septage receiving station at the Wastewater Treatment Plant available for approved carriers to dispose of Trucked Liquid Waste (TLW). The City accepts liquid waste generated from septic tanks, holding tanks and portable toilets in accordance with the City of Chilliwack Sanitary Sewer System Regulation Bylaw 2010, No. 3702. Prohibited and restricted wastes as outlined in the Bylaw are not accepted. The facility is only available for waste originating within the City of Chilliwack. 

Requirements to access the Trucked Liquid Waste Facility include:
  1. Account with the City of Chilliwack
  2. Filled out Declaration Form
  3. Waste originating from within the City of Chilliwack's boundaries
  4. Liquid waste must comply with the Sanitary Sewer System Regulation Bylaw 2010, No. 3702

Failure to declare the source of liquid waste being deposited may result in revoking access to the TLW facilty and/ or issuance of fines under the Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 2018, No. 4573 

Trucked Liquid Waste - Fraser Valley Region 

In summer 2022 the City sent a letter to the liquid waste hauling businesses and neighbouring FVRD districts and electoral areas informing them that we cannot accept waste from outside of City of Chilliwack boundaries at this time.  Starting in October 2023, the City implemented a trucked liquid waste manifest form at the treatment plant, asking haulers to declare the origin of the waste and confirming it must be from within the City of Chilliwack municipal boundary.   This decision was made due to the increased volume of trucked liquid waste the City has been receiving over the past two years, causing operational disruptions, increased treatment costs and effluent quality issues at the City’s waste water treatment plant. Please note that the James Wastewater Treatment Plant in Abbotsford only accepts trucked liquid waste from within the City of Abbotsford and District of Mission, and they made this decision in June 2021, which caused an significant impact on the amount of waste being brought to the Chilliwack plant.       


Once City staff have collected enough data from the new manifests to confirm the volume of liquid waste is being deposited from within Chilliwack boundaries, we will calculate our capacity to accept outside septage waste.  The FVRD is aware that this is a regional issue.  City staff are willing to work with the FVRD on a regional liquid waste management plan to determine the regional needs and how best any remaining capacity at the Chilliwack plant should be allocated.  Once the City completes the upcoming biological treatment plant expansion (completion December 2025) we will have more capacity to accept domestic liquid waste haulers from neighbouring FVRD areas.

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