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Please note the City of Chilliwack encourages and supports community involvement but reserves the right to decline to post any program/event listing that does not meet the criteria as outlined below, or that is not consistent with the City’s policies and bylaws. Posting event listings does not imply that the City endorses, approves or supports the event.

Please find listed the City of Chilliwack’s criteria for approving event listings on the webpage.

1. All events must be open to the community.

2. The following events will not be posted:

  • Commercial events that benefit any business for financial gain;
  • Events that promote hatred, discrimination, or violence;
  • Adult-oriented events; or
  • Events that are substantially engaged in political, racial, religious or social movements.

3. Business Related Exceptions:

  • The event is held at a City facility i.e., Heritage Park, Sardis Sports Complex, Leisure Centre, Chilliwack Cultural Centre or Chilliwack Coliseum.
  • The event is for fundraising for a not-for-profit organization and a business is being used as a venue/location for fundraising activities.

4. The event must be within the City of Chilliwack boundaries. If you are unclear as to whether your location is within Chilliwack boundaries, you can visit the mapping page or call 604.792.9311.

5. The event must adhere to all provincial Public Health Orders and guidelines


If your event is for financial gain, we would like to direct you to Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO).  It is CEPCO’s purpose to facilitate and encourage business in our community and this may be the appropriate organization to contact for your event.

You may find that your event expectations are more tourism related, therefore, we would like to encourage you to visit Tourism Chilliwack.

Please email [email protected] if you have questions or concerns about the Event Listing.

If your event meets all of the criteria above please feel free to add your event. 

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