2016 Sediment Removal Updates

For your safety, please respect and obey all construction signs, barricades and flag people and stay clear of work sites and equipment.
Thank you for your patience as we carry out this important sediment removal as part of the Vedder River Flood Mitigation work.

Date Project Update

Sep 29

Work complete at KeithWilson bar (PROJECT COMPLETE)

Sep 27

Work complete at Lickaman bar

Sep 15

Work is underway at Lickman Bar (Site 2 - started Sept 23 with expected completion by Sep 23).  Work is continuing at Keith Wilson Bar (Site 6) with expected completion by Sep 21.   

Sep 12

Work completd at Railway Bar (Site 4) today.

Sep 8

Work completed at Yarrow bar (Site 5) today. Work started at Railway Bar (Site 4) today.  

Sep 6

Work started at Keith Wilson bar (site 6) today.

Aug 26

Work completed at Bergmen Bar (Site 3) today. Work to begin at Yarrow Bar (Site #5)

Aug 18

Work has begun at Bergmen Bar (Site #3)

Aug 17

Excavation is complete at Giesbrecht Bar (SIte #1)

Aug 10

Work has begun at the Giesbrecht Bar (Site #1)