Special Public Events Involving Alcohol

Public and private events involving alcohol (e.g., Weddings, Tastings
and Community Festivals)

If you want to serve liquor in a public place or sell liquor anywhere, you will need either a private or public Special Event Permit. Special Event Permits are obtained and approved through the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch online process at https://specialevents.bcldb.com/.

Public Events involving alcohol within a Civic Facility will be processed in accordance with "Special Public Events Involving Alcohol Bylaw 2018, No. 4605". 

Anyone interested in applying to serve alcohol at a public event within Civic Property are required to submit their request to the Recreation and Culture Department at least four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled event.  To initiate the appliation process for Special Public Events involving alcohol, complete the "Community Event Checklist", which is available on the City's website at https://www.chilliwack.com/CommunityEventChecklist/.   

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