Parks & Trails


Since the 1980s, a goal shared by the City of Chilliwack and the Chilliwack Rotary Club has been to develop a network of loop trails within the Vedder Greenway.

The loop trails would link both sides of the Vedder River in three places: the Vedder Bridge, the BC Rail Bridge (or pedestrian bridge) and the Keith Wilson Bridge.

In the 1990s, the 8km Vedder Rotary Trail was constructed utilizing existing bank protection structures and adjacent lands, the Vedder setback dyke system was opened to recreational use and several trails were constructed in association with the development of the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.

In 2011, a section of the Vedder River South Trail was constructed on City land from just west of the Vedder Crossing Bridge to Vedder Mountain Road at the City rock quarry.

Achieving the long-term goal will involve several  projects:

1. Completion of the link between the terminus of both the Vedder River South and Vedder South Dyke Trail and the Vedder Crossing Bridge.

2. Improvements to the crossing of the Southern Railway near Lumsden Road.

3. Construction of an elevated trail to connect with the BC Rail Bridge / Improvements to the crossing on the BC Rail Bridge or the construction of a pedestrian bridge near this point.

4. Extension of the Vedder South Trail westward, bridging the outlet of Street Creek Marsh back to the Vedder South Dyke Trail.

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Adopt a Park/ Adopt a Trail

The City of Chilliwack has partnered with a number of local organizations and non-profit groups to develop an Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Trail program. Groups volunteer their time to cleanup parks and trails in Chilliwack, to keep the community looking its best!

Greenspace / Trail Network Plans

Created as a supporting document to Chilliwack's Official Community Plan (OCP) the Greenspace Plan and supplementary Trail Network Plan sets out the City's goals and visions for developing new parks and trails over the coming decades.


The City of Chilliwack has over 100 parks and natural areas which together make up over 400 hectares of green space.


A listing of cycling / hiking trails in Chilliwack and vicinity.

Chilliwack Greenspace Plan

Online Field Status

With the changing weather these days, it’s easy to check the status of Sports Fields online.