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Townsend Park is a 15 hectare park west of downtown Chilliwack. The park is named after Harold Townsend, who lived and farmed this land until 1946 when the City purchased it and began the process of developing a major public sports facility for ball sports and general leisure.

The park is equipped with a play area, change rooms, concession, washrooms and other amenities. The Wolfe family washroom is open from dawn to dusk. This outdoor facility also has a walking trail around its perimeter, which is approximately 2.3 km in length.

Park bookings can be made by contacting the Recreation and Culture Department at 604-793-2904.

This complex contains 5 multipurpose pitches, three of which are lit; and six lit softball diamonds.

Diamond 1 to 6

Fields 3, 4, 5 and 6 all radiate out from washrooms, concession and a pavilion with seating for 80 people. These fields have lighting available on request. Fields 1 and 2 also have lighting and bleachers available. This ball field group is easily accessed from the west parking area.

Fields D & E

Fields D and E are set up for rugby and  soccer, both are rotated at mid-season. Bleachers are available on request.

Fields B & C

These soccer fields do not have lights available and are rotated 90 degrees in mid-season to minimize wear and tear.

They are well-positioned to the Wolfe Road changing area and family washrooms which are open from dawn to dusk. Bleachers are available on request.

Field A

This is an all-weather field correctly lined for football, soccer and field hockey. It is available for both competition and for practice. Complete with a scoreboard and an announcer’s viewing tower, fixed bleachers are provided and there is excellent lighting available.

Map - 45130 WOLFE RD
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Field Status
User groups are asked to use good judgment when determining whether to access a field or not. If the field status says open but the weather has changed and caused unfavorable conditions please do not access. Charges will be placed accordingly if any damage is caused.
Field Type Status Notes Updated
Artificial Turf Field  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Ball Diamond  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Ball Diamond  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Ball Diamond  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Ball Diamond  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Ball Diamond  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Ball Diamond  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Multipurpose Pitch  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Multipurpose Pitch  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Multipurpose Pitch  OPEN   11-Apr-24
Multipurpose Pitch  OPEN   11-Apr-24

Adopt a Park/ Adopt a Trail

The City of Chilliwack has partnered with a number of local organizations and non-profit groups to develop an Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Trail program. Groups volunteer their time to cleanup parks and trails in Chilliwack, to keep the community looking its best!

Greenspace / Trail Network Plans

Created as a supporting document to Chilliwack's Official Community Plan (OCP) the Greenspace Plan and supplementary Trail Network Plan sets out the City's goals and visions for developing new parks and trails over the coming decades.


The City of Chilliwack has over 100 parks and natural areas which together make up over 400 hectares of green space.

Responsible Drinking in City Parks

Information about the areas in Vedder Park where responsible alcohol consumption will be permitted May 15 - October 31.


A listing of cycling / hiking trails in Chilliwack and vicinity.

Chilliwack's Greenspace Plan

Online Field Status

With the changing weather these days, it’s easy to check the status of Sports Fields online.