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2024-08 Prest Road Culvert Replacement Back

The culvert replacement project is intended to accommodate the future road widening on Prest Road. The final orientation and grade of the road when the culvert project is completed should match the existing so no horizontal or vertical deviations exist, matching the existing alignment of Prest Rd. the final grades shown on the drawing will be completed by others at the time of the future road widening project.

July 17, 2024 3:00 PM


Kristian Biela
Project Manager
[email protected]
Attached Documents
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Prest Road Box Culvert Replacement Tender Adobe Acrobat 650KB
Environmental Overview Assessment Drawings Adobe Acrobat 4,804KB
Geotechnical Report Drawings Adobe Acrobat 3,020KB
Prest Road Widening and Mcguire Roundabout Drawings Adobe Acrobat 2,402KB
Addendum One Addendum Adobe Acrobat 135KB
Addendum Two Addendum Adobe Acrobat 62KB
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