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2006-10 Kerr Avenue - Roads & Services Construction Back
Closing Information
Successful Bidder:
Bidder: Jakes Construction Ltd.
Bid Value: $3,401,997.00
All Bidders:
Bidder: Directional Mining & Drilling Ltd
Bid Value: $3,740,029.00
Bidder: Jakes Construction Ltd.
Bid Value: $3,401,997.00
Bidder: Neelco Construction (1986) Inc.
Bid Value: $3,997,890.00
Bidder: Span Valley Construction Ltd.
Bid Value: $4,012,213.00
Bidder: Strohmaier Excavating (2019) Ltd.
Bid Value: $4,246,115.00
Bidder: Triahn Enterprises
Bid Value: $4,234,717.00
Bid Information

WORK:  Approximately 410m of road construction within a 25m right of way and a further 320m of road within a 20m right of way.  Construction will include the installation of a pre-fabricated sanitary lift station, sanitary sewers, storm sewers including an outfall into the Chilliwack River & environmental compensation works, water works including an elevated water-main crossing over the Chilliwack River, street lighting, traffic signals and intersection improvements at Yale Road and other related works. 

BID SECURITY:  Bid Security in the amount of 10%

BONDING:  Performance Bond and Labour and Materials Payment Bond, each in the amount of 50% of the Contract Price.

Tender Documents and drawings can be obtained on or after May 3rd, 2006 from the following at no cost:

City of Chilliwack, Main Reception Hall
8550 Young Road
Chilliwack, B.C.

or may be downloaded from the City of Chilliwack's web site at

Reference documents and drawings will be available for viewing at the offices of Wedler Engineering Ltd. located at:

Wedler Engineering Ltd.
201-9300 Nowell Street
Chilliwack, B.C.

Inquiries should be directed to Mr. Andrew Gower, P. Eng., PE Contract Administrator with Wedler Engineering at telephone number 604-792-0651.  The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. 

June 6, 2006 3:00 PM

City of Chilliwack - Main Reception Desk
8550 Young Road
Chilliwack, B.C.   V2P 8A4

Attention:  R. Carnegie, City Clerk

Frank Van Nynatten
Project Manager
(604) 793-2907
Attached Documents
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Tender 2006-10 Kerr Avenue Roads and Services Construction Tender Adobe Acrobat File 3,200KB
Drawing Set 1 Drawings Adobe Acrobat File 6,215KB
Drawing Set 2 Drawings Adobe Acrobat File 2,716KB
Drawing Set 3 Drawings Adobe Acrobat File 4,018KB
Drawing Set 4 Drawings Adobe Acrobat File 4,904KB
Addendum 1 Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 888KB
Addendum - 3859a Kerr Ave - Medians (07) Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 293KB
Addendum - 3859a Road A Rds (08) Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 919KB
Addendum - 3859a Rd A (09) Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 310KB
Addendum - 3859a Rd A (10) Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 180KB
Addendum - 3859a Rd A (14) Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 211KB
Addendum - 3859a - Pumpstation P01 Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 1,279KB
Addendum - 3859a Pumpstation P02 Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 236KB
Addendum - 3859a Pumpstation P03 Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 141KB
Addendum 2 Complete Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 339KB
Addendum 3 Addendum Adobe Acrobat File 109KB
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