Clubs & Groups

There are many clubs and groups in the City of Chilliwack that appeal to people with all kinds of tastes and interests.

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Chilliwack Bobbin Lace Club Crafts
Contact: Phone Phone: (604) 823-4705
Chilliwack Common Threads Crafts
Contact: Phone: Office
Description: This is a Knitting and crochet club. They meet on Tuesdays at the Sardis Library from 6:30 to 8:30 and it is free
Chilliwack Quilters Guild Crafts
Contact: Penny Siddons Phone: (604) 858-3720
Chilliwack Spinners & Weavers Guild Crafts
Contact: Betty Sheppard Phone: (604) 794-7805
Chwk Piece Makers Quilting Guild Crafts
Contact: Lyn Robinson Phone: (604) 858-6070
Description: Alternate contact is:
Phyllis Evanson at (604) 824-9976
Red Cross Creations Crafts
Contact: Arlene Bramhall or Corry Keyes Phone: (604) 792-2343

Community Halls

A list of Community Halls in Chilliwack.