Required Inspections

The Building Permit Card (fluorescent orange) must be posted on the job site and visible from the road.  Plans must be on site and available to the Building Inspector at the time of each inspection.  No deviation from the plans or permit shall be made without the written approval of the Building Department.

No concrete shall be poured until the footing forms are inspected and approved by the Building Inspector.

Work shall not continue beyond the foundation form stage until a survey certificate certified by a British Columbia Land Surveyor has been submitted to, and approved, by the Building Department.

No person shall occupy or permit occupancy of any building until occupancy has been granted by the Building Inspector.

A building permit shall become void unless construction commences within six months from the date of issuance of the permit.

The following inspections must be called for:

  • Footing (Note: All column/spot footings to be in place at time of inspection)
  • Drain tile / Rainwater distribution systems and damp proofing before back filling
  • Underslab / foundation insulation and poly vapour barrier (prior to pouring the slab)
  • Underslab plumbing
  • Water / Sanitary / Storm services
  • Rough Plumbing
  • Chimney, Fireplace (Wood burning)
  • Framing and firestopping
  • Rain screen
  • Stucco lath or reinforcing (prior to applying stucco)
  • Insulation and Vapour Barrier
  • Final / Occupancy before building is occupied

All inspections shall be ready for the inspection required.  Requests for inspections must be received by the building department before 3:30 PM the day before the inspection is required.

The approval of the plans and specifications to which a permit applies to, does not relieve the owner/contractor from the responsibility of compliance with the current British Columbia Building and Plumbing Codes and the City of Chilliwack Bylaws.