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Chilliwack Housing Needs Report

The City is undertaking a Housing Needs Report to identify current and future housing needs in our community over a 5-year period or more. The report will focus on affordability and demand for all housing types, including government-assisted and market housing. By identifying the number of housing units needed, by type and price range, the report will provide direction to government, non-profit, and private sectors, in the planning and provision of housing, and help inform local plans, policies and development decisions.

The City continues to focus on addressing housing affordability and homelessness through partnerships, strategies and policy development. Key City housing initiatives include working closely with Chilliwack Healthier Community and overseeing the 2016 Homelessness Action Plan and 2040 Official Community Plan housing policies. The Housing Needs Report will provide the City with further direction on land use planning and housing policy initiatives.

July 2020

The Housing Needs Report is now complete. Please click on the following link: Housing Needs Report  


BC local governments are required to complete a Housing Needs Report by April 2022 as per the Local Government Act (mainly Part 14) and Housing Needs Reports Regulation. A funding program, administered by the Union of BC Municipalities, is provided to help support the new legislation. For more information on the legislation, regulations and funding program, please visit the following link:

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Planning Department at or 604.793.2906

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Housing Needs Report 2020-08-05 1.59MB