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Long Range Planning

2019 Seniors' Housing Study

As the number of older adults (55+) in Chilliwack is expected to grow by around 66% by 2041, the provision of a diverse and adequate supply of safe, affordable and appropriate seniors’ housing has come to the forefront. In order to ensure that seniors’ housing needs are met as the community grows, the City has launched a Seniors’ Housing Study.

Adaptable Housing

2040 Official Community Plan

The City of Chilliwack has completed the 2040 Official Community Plan (2040 OCP). The OCP will guide Chilliwack’s growth and development in the next three decades.

Affordable Housing Strategy (2008)

Under the guidance of the Mayor’s Housing Task Force, a Housing Strategy has been developed, in consultation with local housing and service providers and the community, to identify priority actions for the short and long term to address all levels of the housing continuum, from basic shelter needs to low income supportive and rental housing, and market ownership. The Strategy was presented to Council on October 6, 2008 and is ready for implementation.

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Agricultural Area Planning

The City of Chilliwack in a collaborative effort with The City of Chilliwack Agricultural Commission and The Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation have completed work on a new Agricultural Plan which will outline a comprehensive agricultural land use vision supporting the Official Community Plan and the City's Bylaws to attract new agricultural businesses and to help the existing agricultural businesses to grow, expand and diversify.

Chilliwack Housing Needs Report

The City is undertaking a Housing Needs Report to identify current and future housing needs in our community over a 5-year period or more.

CSRPC Quality of Life Survey 2014

The 2014 Chilliwack Quality of Life Survey was initiated to take a look at the quality of life for residents of Chilliwack and compare this information with prior results and with Census data.

Downtown Task Force Report

Recommendations for speeding up the renewal of Chilliwack’s historic neighborhood were received by Council on Tuesday, February 21. More information can be found at

Heritage Strategic Action Plan

Take a survey to help develop Chilliwack's Heritage Strategic Action Plan.

Let's Talk Child Care in Chilliwack

In order to address the struggle families in Chilliwack are facing when attempting to find available and appropriate child care, the City, with funding from the Province, is developing a Community Child Care Space Creation Action Plan in collaboration with the community.

Sardis Neighbourhood Plan

The City of Chilliwack has initiated the planning process to create a comprehensive neighbourhood plan for the Sardis area as it is expected that the area will see an increase in population of approximately 6,800 residents with an associated additional 4,000 dwellings.

Secondary Suites

In order to preserve and increase the supply of available and affordable housing, the City of Chilliwack has adopted the Secondary Suites Policy to permit the rental of secondary suites within single family homes in the City.