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Bylaw Enforcement

The Information Guides below provide a brief summary of the most commonly requested bylaws.  These Guides are provided for information purposes only. 

Bylaw Adjudication

The Upper Fraser Valley Bylaw Adjudication System (the "System") is authorized by the Province of BC to operate as a municipal bylaw court for resolving disputes in bylaw enforcement matters .


Regulates and prohibits fireworks.

Noise Control

Regulates or prohibits the making or causing of noises or sounds.

Outdoor Burning

Outdoor Burning / Open Air Burning information.

Outdoor Public Spaces Smoking Regulation Bylaw

The purpose of this bylaw is to regulate smoking on or within outdoor City owned public spaces, including parks and trails, within the city of Chilliwack and serves to top up current provincial smoking enactments. The bylaw also regulates smoking on privately held properties that are used for recreational purposes.

Parking Regulations

The Information Guide for Parking Regulations is a summary of the Parking Regulation section of the "Highway and Traffic Bylaw" that regulates the use of Highways.

Unsightly Premises

Controls unsightly premises.

Waste Disposal

Regulates the disposal of waste.

Weed Control

Controls brush and noxious weeds and controls caterpillars and noxious insects.