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PDF Riders Guide Effective Sept 2013

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Bus Routes & Stop Locations Sept 2013 

Transit Information from BC Transit

Sept 2013 New Route Map

Route 1 Vedder

Route 2 Evans

Route 3 Chilliwack

Route 4 Promontory

Route 5 Yarrow/Greendale

Route 6 Cultus Lake

Route 7 Broadway

Route 8 Tyson

Route 11 Agassiz/Harrison

Route Map Sept 2013


The Chilliwack Transit System is funded and operated as a partnership between the City and the provincial crown agency, BC Transit.  Chilliwack Transit provides well over 500,000 rides per year.  The province covers about 50% of the cost, the City 20% and rider fares cover approximately 30%.

FirstCanada Transit Services Inc manages drivers, vehicle maintenance and lost and found services.  They can be contacted at 604-795-3838, and dial "0" to speak to a live operator.

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