Department Responsibilities:

The Finance Department is responsible for the financial management of the City including: payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, property taxes, water/sewer utility billing, coordination of the City's Comprehensive Municipal Plan and the budgeting process. The investment of surplus/reserve funds, in an attempt to maximize the City's financial position, is also a goal of the Department.

AP Direct Deposit

Accounts Payable direct deposit payment process for suppliers/vendors, including electronic submission information of invoices/statements.

Claim Your Home Owner Grant

You can complete your Home Owner Grant online. You will need your tax notice to complete the online form. Click for more information.

Sign up to safely and conveniently receive both tax notices and utility bills online.

Online Banking

Pay Property Taxes or Utilities at Your Bank

Online Payments

You can pay for Business Licence renewals and Parking Tickets online, using Visa or Mastercard.

PAWS for Utilities

A Pre-Authorized Withdrawal System (PAWS) designed for your convenience! Two different programs to choose from. Select the plan that suits YOUR budget.

Property Assessment Notices

You should receive your Property Assessment Notice early in January.

Property Tax Prepayment Plan

A tax prepayment plan, tailor-made for your convenience! Your prepayment account will earn interest, and best of all...the interest is income tax free!