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Voluntary Municipal Heritage Designation

In recognition of the value and importance of heritage conservation and the property rights of individuals, and in accordance with the Local Government Act provisions for heritage designation protection, Council has enacted the following procedure for property owners wishing to pursue voluntary heritage designation of their properties.

This procedure applies to properties identified in the 1991 Chilliwack Heritage Inventory.

  1. The property owner meets initially with City staff to discuss the process
  2. The property owner submits a Request for Heritage Designation and Waiver of Compensation Form, signed by all property owners, and $320 application fee
  3. City staff prepares a report and municipal heritage designation bylaw for Council’s consideration. The report addresses:
    • The heritage value or heritage character of the property (as ascertained by a Statement of Significance by a registered heritage professional)
    • The compatability of conservation with the official community plan and other community planning objectives, and lawful uses of the property and adjoining lands
    • The condition and economic viability of the property, and the possible need for financial or other support to enable appropriate conservation
  4. Council considers introduction of the bylaw and calls a public hearing
  5. City staff coordinate public notification (newspaper advertisement and notice to property owners)
  6. Following the public hearing, Council consider 2nd and 3rd readings of the bylaw
  7. Following adoption of the bylaw, it is forwarded to the Heritage Branch and Land Titles for registration
  8. The City coordinates the manufacturing of a heritage plaque to be presented to the property owners.

Heritage Designation policy G-15 further outlines the terms and conditions under which buildings and/or sites can be designated, altered (through a heritage alteration permit) and repealed (by bylaw)

The following properties have municipal heritage bylaws and are legally protected under the Local Government Act:

Jean McNaughton Park 45951 Victoria Ave. February 17, 1992
Caskey House 9467 Corbould St. Nov. 21, 1994
Carmichael House 45614 Spadina Ave. May 16, 1994
Walker House 9079 Banford Rd. October 30, 1989
Princess Armories 45707 Princess Ave. Feb. 25, 1991
Yarrow Post Office Wilson Rd. February 14, 1983
Promontory Womens’ Institute Hall 5650 Teskey Way August 2, 1988

Portion of Highway known as Old Yale Wagon Road

Majuba Hill Rd. February 14, 1983
Former City Hall 45820 Spadina Ave. January 26, 1981
Gervan House 46054 First Ave. June 18, 2013
Stonehurst House 46290 Yale Rd. June 18, 2013
Brock House 46063 Gore Ave. February 4, 2014
Adanac House 46860 Adanac Ave. November 21, 1994
Skelton House 45483 Spadina Ave. March 20, 2018
Rolfe House 45621 Wellington Ave. May 15, 2018

Adanac House Jean McNaughton Park
November 21, 1994 February 17, 1992
Caskey House Carmichael House
November 21, 1994 May 16, 1994
Walker House Princess Armories
October 30, 1989 February 25, 1991
Yarrow Post Office Former City Hall
February 14, 1983 January 26, 1981
Gervan House Stonehurst House
June 18, 2013 June 18, 2013
Brock House Promontory Womens' Institute Hall
May 22, 2014 August 2, 1988
Skelton House Rolfe House
March 20, 2018 May 15, 2018


For additional information please contact the City of Chilliwack, Long Range Planning Department at 604 793 2906.


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