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Recognition Program

The City of Chilliwack invites indivduals, organizations or service clubs to participate in our recognition program. This program may be a tribute to honour one or more persons in memoriam, a service club or individual for their contribution to the community or in recognition for any past or present project or special event.

Please note that benches must be selected from the locations indicated on the attached maps.

Description Date File Size
Park Bench Application Form 2019-01-25 1.48MB
Bridalwood Trail 2019-07-04 1.76MB
Coote Auburn Park 2019-07-04 1.55MB
Cornwall Park 2014-11-04 1.36MB
Emerald Park 2014-04-01 1.42MB
Fairfield 2016-05-11 365KB
Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve 2019-03-11 1.91MB
Jinkerson Park 2014-11-04 1.75MB
Jinkerson Stairs 2014-11-04 1.91MB
Kinsmen Park on Portage 2018-06-27 1.57MB
Manuel - Vedder Park 2019-07-04 1.61MB
Mt. Thom 2016-05-17 1.14MB
Mt. Thom - South of Sylvan 2014-10-31 1.12MB
Promontory Park West 2018-06-26 492KB
Salish Park 2014-04-01 1.45MB
Salmon Ridge Trail 2014-11-04 1.46MB
The Landing 2014-04-01 1.90MB
Townsend Park 2016-05-11 377KB
Vedder River - Browne Creek Wetlands 2019-07-04 1.85MB
Vedder River - Crossing Park 2019-07-04 1.64MB
Vedder River - Vedder Park 2018-06-26 520KB
Weeden Trail 2014-11-04 1.64MB
Wells Landing Park 2014-11-04 1.36MB
Yarrow Pioneer Park 2019-07-04 1.63MB