Sardis Library Project

Southside Library Project

Chilliwack Council selected the name ‘Sardis Library’ for the new library at the December 20, 2011 Regular Meeting. This name was recommended as the preferred option, based on input from the Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) and feedback from the public at the Open House for the library on July 6, 2011.

The City of Chilliwack is pleased to announce that Titan Construction Company Limited and Craven Huston Powers Architects have been selected to design and build the new library. The completion date for the Sardis library is October 2012 and opening day is anticipated for Spring 2013.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • 10,600 square feet facility (Increase from original plan of 9,700 square foot facility at no additional cost)
  • Multi-purpose community space which can be accessed after library hours
  • Adult area with fireplace feature
  • Children’s area
  • Staff workroom space
  • Interior and exterior book drops
  • Two self -checkouts
  • 74 new parking spaces
  • Trail network maintained

Sustainable Design Features of Sardis Library

The following guiding principles for the sustainable design of the Sardis Library Project are as below:

  • Reduce annual operating costs through optimal building design and orientation, high efficiency glazing, and natural ventilation
  • Reduce future operating costs through the use of superior finishes
  • Create a high quality, indoor environment through access to daylight and views, natural ventilation, and control over occupant comfort
  • Conserve natural resources through the use of material selection and high efficiency electrical and mechanical systems.

Based on these guiding principles above, the Design-Build team then developed and committed to meet the specific objectives, performance targets and design strategies in the following categories:

1.  Energy - Building energy performance will be at least 30 % better than the ASHRAE 90.1 (2007) standard. Design components which will contribute to achieving this goal are:

  • Building orientation and window positioning to reduce solar gain
  • Shade protection for windows through the use of overhangs
  • High efficiency low E window glazing
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures
  • Daylight sensors for light level control
  • Room occupancy sensors
  • High efficiency heat pump heating/cooling units
  • 100% outside air free cooling
  • CO2 sensors and outside air control to provide high air quality
  • DDC control of mechanical systems

2. Water Conservation – Potable water consumption will be at least 20% better than BC Building Code. Design components which will contribute to achieving this goal are:

  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Decentralized domestic hot water heating
  • Infra-red sensors
  • Ensuring plumbing fixtures are clustered in tight proximity

3. Sustainable Construction Practices – Design components and construction practices which will contribute to achieving this goal are:

  • Use of materials with recycled content
  • Use of materials with low transportation distances
  • Diversion of at least 85% of construction waste from landfill disposal

The City will be monitoring the Design-Build team during the course of the design and construction of the Project, to ensure that the preceding commitments are met.


Construction Photos:

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