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Zoning Bylaw Review

The City is currently re-writing Chilliwack’s Zoning Bylaw and we’re ready to share the recommendations for a new set of rules to help implement the City’s vision as laid out within the 2040 Official Community Plan.

But what is a Zoning Bylaw?

A Zoning Bylaw sets out rules about:

  •         How land is used
  •         Where buildings, structures and parking can be located
  • The size of buildings, structures & lots

The new Zoning Bylaw will establish rules so you know what to expect as development occurs in your neighbourhood as our community continues to grow and change … and we want to hear from you! 

So, why review the Zoning Bylaw?

Our current Zoning Bylaw is almost 20 years old and needs to align with our recently updated Official Community Plan (the “2040 OCP”). The City’s Planning Department, with the help of Urban Systems Ltd., have completed a comprehensive review and revision of the Zoning Bylaw to:

  • Reflect best practices in urban planning & development
  •         Ensure consistency with provincial legislation
  • Be legally enforceable
  • Create an improved, updated & simplified document
  • Have a user-friendly & organized layout
  • Be easily interpreted & implemented by staff, Council, developers & community members
  •         Support the 2040 OCP’s goals, objectives & policies

How might the new Zoning Bylaw impact you?

You may see no change to your property’s zoning or zoning standards, or your property may be used in different ways, or your property may become legal non-conforming (when the current use or location of existing buildings on a property no longer comply with the Zoning Bylaw). If your property becomes legally non-conforming, the new zoning rules will only apply when you make a change to your property.

Setback - the minimum distance from a respective lot line which a building or structure may be located unless otherwise specified by general or special regulation or as required by the Building Code (current edition).

The proposed new Zoning Bylaw also tackles key issues within our community such as: land uses in commercial areas, site design concerning drive-throughs, provision of pathways within townhouse developments, having useable amenity spaces, including bike racks in new development, revised parking standards, etc…

Public Meeting

On February 11, the city invited residents to attend a public meeting held at Evergreen Hall to discuss the Zoning Bylaw review project.  If you would like to review what was presented at the meeting the Presentation and Storyboards are attached below.

For more information, please contact our Planning Department at 604.793.2906 or

Description Date File Size
Zoning Bylaw Review Presentation 2020-02-12 4.31MB
Zoning Bylaw Review Storyboards 2020-02-12 4.18MB