Emterra Recycling Facility - Chilliwack's Single Stream Recycling Program

The City of Chilliwack offers residents "single stream recycling".  This means all the recyclables collected in our program are transported to the processing plant together.  This makes recycling easier and more convenient for Chilliwack residents. Residential single-stream programs in general have greatly increased recycling rates, recovering as much as three times the amount of recyclable materials in comparison to programs requiring sorting.  This approach is now being extended to business and industry. 

Recyclables from Chilliwack are processed at a state-of-the-art plant in Surrey, owned by our new contractor Emterra Environmental.   The processing method uses various mechanized technologies to efficiently sort the wide range of material.  

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The following video shows how recycling is sorted and processed. Here's what you'll see:

  • Material is fed by a Bobcat onto a conveyor
  • Newspapers are sorted on the newspaper line
  • Rotating discs separate various types of papers and containers by letting lighter material stay on top, while allowing the heavier material to fall through the gaps
  • Steel cans are “sucked up” by an overhead magnet
  • Clean HDPE bottles are discharged into a silo 
  • Sorted newspapers are pressed into square bales