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Block Watch

Block Watch is a proactive program that encourages neighbours to join with other neighbours in reducing the likelihood of residential and property crime in their neighbourhoods. By working together, neighbours meet over a common goal – making their neighbourhoods a safer place to live and play.

Be an active citizen and help to reduce crime in your neighbourhood. Become a Block Watch Member. Crimes such as 'Break and Enters' can be prevented if criminals know that there are watchful neighbours!!!

The Role of a Block Watch Member

  1. Attend an annual neighbourhood meeting to meet neighbours and discuss crime related concerns.
  2. Provide your contact information to the Block Watch Captain for your Block's list and map.
  3. Look out for and help your neighbours
  4. Report any suspicious occurrences, vehicles, or persons in your neighbourhood to the police and to other Block Watch Members.
  5. If you become a victim of crime, report it to the police and notify your Block Watch Captain immediately.
  6. Inform the Block Watch Office, your Captain and Co-Captain of any changes to your contact information.

The Role of a Block Watch Captain and Co-Captain

The captain and co-Captain share responsibility of managing the Block Watch Program in their neighbourhood. They serve as the communication link between their neighbourhood Block Watch participants and the Block Watch Office. The role of captain and co-captain is not time consuming or labour intensive.

  1. Contact new neighbours who move to the neighbourhood to see if they are interested in participating in the Block Watch Program.
  2. Update the Block Watch map with current names and phone numbers whenever there is a change.
  3. Receive and distribute quarterly newsletters.
  4. Create a telephone fan-out (phone tree) so that information can be disseminated throughout your neighbourhood in a fast and efficient manner.
  5. Report any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity to police.
  6. Advise the Block Watch Program of any criminal activity which has taken place in your neighbourhood.
  7. Host an annual Block Watch Meeting.

The Chilliwack Block Watch Program already boasts participation of over 18,000 residents and is active in every neighbourhood within the City! Do your part in preventing residential crime - become a member of Block Watch.

Are you interested in bringing Block Watch to your neighbourhood?

It's easy. Call us at the Chilliwack Crime Prevention Services office at 604.393.3469.