Other Useful Links

Here are some additional “links” should you want to review specific information and/or review the myriad of Emergency Preparedness throughout this province, this country and the world.

  • Chilliwack Weather Forecast:
    A daily look at what is going on right here in Chilliwack.  Emergency Preparedness is always alert for special “weather warnings” such as heavy rainfall or below/above normal temperatures and snowfall warnings.

  • Fraser River Levels at the Mission Gauge
    During the annual "spring runoff" (or freshet), the gauge readings at the Mission Gauge (located on the railroad bridge across the Fraser River at Mission) are critical to emergency planning and preparedness efforts and actions.

  • Earthquakes in BC (and in or near Chilliwack)?
    You may be interested to know that there often over 50 earthquakes just in the Vancouver Island / Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley region every month.  A website - hosted by Natural Resources Canada - lists both current and historical data about earthquakes throughout British Columbia as well as significant ones throughout the world.  While the devastation that occurred on Boxing Day 2004 and the resulting tsunamis is on the other side of the world, it was just 40 years ago that a larger earthquake happened in Alaska that did impact our west coast communities.