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Request for Proposals Focuses on Downtown Revitalization September 14, 2017

The City of Chilliwack and the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO) are seeking a development team to provide proposals for the purchase and development of prime building lots in the heart of the City. The proposed development would achieve a high quality of urban design, meet sustainability standards, support neighbourhood needs, and assist in the revitalization of the downtown core.

The development site includes properties located on Yale Road, Young Road, Princess Avenue and Empress Lane and is a total of 3.75 acres. The site presents a unique opportunity for development in the downtown, as land uses within the area include a variety of retail, commercial, residential and mixed-use developments.

In the 2040 Official Community Plan, these properties are designated ‘Urban Quarter’, which envisions retention of a main street building design with development framing the street. It is the City of Chilliwack and CEPCO’s goal to see the downtown blossom into a healthy, sustainable and thriving community that promotes social and economic vitality, while minimizing its impact on the natural environment.

“Chilliwack is a rapidly growing municipality. Our population is currently around 90,000 and we expect continued growth over the next 25 years, reaching a population of over 132,000,” said Mayor Sharon Gaetz. “Our growing population, the expensive nearby housing markets, and an increasing industrial community make this a pertinent time to invest in the hub and heart of our community – the downtown core.”

“We are excited to make these consolidated properties at Five Corners available for development,” said Brian Coombes, CEPCO President. “This is a unique opportunity for a developer to create a vibrant and comprehensive neighborhood that supports and enhances the revitalization of downtown Chilliwack.”

The Request for Proposals aims to reinforce the downtown as the heart of the City by maintaining a vibrant and safe core with active retail, entertainment and civic functions. A compact and walkable neighbourhood that provides a balance of jobs, amenities and housing will attract residents of all ages to downtown Chilliwack. The right developer will create an iconic legacy-style neighbourhood that recaptures the past while creating a bold new vision for the future.

Interested parties should contact Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation to review the Request for Proposals for the Purchase and Development of Downtown Chilliwack Properties.

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