Roadwork Project Updates

Ryder Lake

Thornton Road

Near the intersection on Thornton Road at Extrom Road (lower), the uphill lane on Thornton Road is closed for repairs.  Single-lane alternating is in effect. 

  Thornton Road:  uphill lane closed

Elk View Road

On Thursday, December 2 and Friday, December 3 , Elk View Road will be closed from the 3-way stop to upper Ryder Lake Road for repairs.  The road closure will be in effect starting at at 7 am.  Open for local traffic only. 

  Elk View Road

Bowman Road

During last week’s storm, a culvert blockage on Towne Creek caused hundreds of tons of debris to flow over the road. Contractors worked through the weekend to unblock the culvert, and will work to re-establish Towne Creek, which has been filled with sediment and split into three directions.

Towne Creek culvert replacement on Bowman Road now open to traffic.  Creek armouring continues.

An excavator next to Towne Creek An excavator beside a recently cleared road.
Towne Creek    Towne Creek culvert replacement

Vedder Mountain Road

Vedder Mountain Road reopened on November 27th after the debris flow protection berm above the road and the culvert installation was completed. Final road repairs continue as weather permits. Please anticipate delays in the area. During the day, there will be single-lane alternating traffic; during the evening hours, two-way traffic will be in effect.

Road conditions along the Vedder Mountain Road corridor can change quickly. Please drive with caution and watch for changing road conditions.

  Vedder Mountain Road - Opening   Vedder Mountain Road - Opening

Old Orchard Road

Failed culvert and significant scouring and erosion on Old Orchard Road just east of Shrewsbury.  Restoration included slope stabilization and armouring on downstream side, new headwall and trash rack on upstream side to prevent further scouring and erosion.  Additional roadside work completed to rebury the Fortis gas main and stabilize road shoulders at multiple locations on Old Orchard Road.

  Before   After




Chilliwack’s sewer system is taking in a lot of water. To help prevent backups, please reduce water use.