Kermode Crescent - Retaining Wall & Drainage System

Construction Timeline:

  • March 2021:  the project is currently in the design phase
  • April 2021: anticipated that construction will begin and last approximately one-month (dependent on weather delays)

Current Works:

  • As part of the design development process, the Design Build Team (PW Trenchless Construction Inc.) is planning to undertake additional investigations in March that will include:
      • CCTV inspections
      • Excavating test pits along the downstream face of the lock block retaining wall
  • All work on the project will occur during the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., weekdays

Project Details:

  • The City is planning to construct a storm sewer pipe to capture and improve the drainage leaking behind the existing retaining wall located on 46200 Kermode Crescent
  • PW Trenchless Construction Inc. was selected for the design and construction of storm sewer pipe based on their ability to undertake the work by directional drilling methodology
      • This construction technique was selected as the most preferred method of installation, due to the proximity of existing houses along the proposed storm sewer alignment and to minimize disturbances to the existing structures and landscaping in the area.

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