2020 Asphalt Rehabilitation Program

Each year the City of Chilliwack tenders asphalt rehabilitation work for various roads to maintain the driving surface and reduce maintenance costs.  Typically the Engineering Department recommends rehabilitation of roads in the worst condition in each classification based on a condition survey which is updated every five years. A comprehensive survey was done by Stantec in the late summer of 2017.

 Minor drainage and curb and gutter improvements will be made adjacent to rehabilitation projects where significant deterioration has occurred or upgrades are required. The following Table A provides locations included in the program for 2020. 

TABLE A: Location and Work Description

Street To/From Description of Work
No. 5 Rd Boundary to Steward Asphalt Rehabilitation
Elk View Rd Soloway to Lookout Asphalt Rehabilitation
Fairfield Rd McSween to Kitchen Asphalt Rehabilitation
Elk View Rd Huston to Soloway Asphalt Rehabilitation
Castleman Rd Chapman to Standeven Asphalt Rehabilitation & Widening
Old Orchard Rd Alameda to Chilliwack Mtn Rd Asphalt Rehabilitation
Industrial Way (E) Old Orchard to Progress Way Asphalt Rehabilitation
Vedder Rd Chilliwack Lake Rd to Keith Wilson Asphalt Rehabilitation
Grand View Dr Primrose to Gooseberry Asphalt Rehabilitation
Keith Wilson Rd Tyson to Unsworth Major Patching
Crestwood Dr and Leary Cres Trench Restoration
Elk View Rd South of Wincott

Reinforcement & Asphalt Rehabilitation

Bernard Ave  Ashwell to Yale Rd Asphalt Rehabilitation & Bike Lanes

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