2018 Sustainability Excellence Award Winner, PickEco Refills Ltd.

PickEco is a retailer of bulk and refillable grocery and household items. In addition to providing healthy, locally sourced, and ecologically conscious items, PickEco is steeped in a culture of reducing waste. In addition to purchasing needed supplies, customers are encouraged to drop off hard-to-recycle items at PickEco’s in-store mini recycling depot.

Further, customers are welcome to bring bicycles inside the store for security, facilitating sustainable transportation choices for residents. Once inside, customers can share ideas and conversation in a welcoming social corner or learn tips for environmentally conscious living through various seminars hosted by PickEco.

Even behind the scenes, the store exemplifies sustainable choices through energy efficient equipment and lighting, coupled with salvaged shelving and re-purposed furnishings.

PickEco’s future looks green, too. With growth anticipated in their refrigerated products category, Chilliwack residents will continue to benefit from more eco-friendly choices. With online sales and carbon-conscious deliveries in the works, PickEco is poised to make sustainable shopping more attainable for Chilliwack residents.

Congratulations to PickEco Refills Ltd., and thank you for your commitment to sustainable business practices and social responsibility!