2020 Sustainability Excellence Award Winner, All Things Being Eco

All Things Being Eco has been a stalwart in sustainable retail in Chilliwack, and 2019 was no different. They have continued to push for sustainable fashion by offering customers ethically crafted and stylish apparel options made from natural materials. Further, their continued growth in refillable and eco-conscious household products has given consumers pause and inspiration for change. A retail experience at All Things Being Eco goes beyond transactions as the owners’ passion for supporting residents at all stages of environmental awareness allows first-timers to feel comfortable exploring sustainable retail without pressure or judgement. As we all work towards a less carbon-intensive economy, this support is a resource Chilliwack residents can consider embracing.

Equally important to the progressive products they sell is their company culture that drills down through shippers, suppliers, and manufacturers to minimize or eliminate waste along their entire supply chain. Even behind the scenes, the store exemplifies sustainable choices through all new LED lighting coupled with re-purposed shelving and furnishings.

All Things Being Eco’s future looks green, too. With growth anticipated in their seminar series, Chilliwack residents will continue to benefit from support and inspiration to embrace environmentally conscious options. Additionally, keep an eye open for even more energy efficient upgrades in-store and renovations using salvaged and reclaimed materials.

Congratulations to All Things Being Eco, and thank you for your commitment to sharing your perspectives, progressive product options, and supportive guidance to Chilliwack residents.