Low Cost and Free Food Distribution Organizations in Chilliwack

FDO Type Contact Program

Salvation Army Care & Share Center Food Bank

45746 Yale Rd,

Chilliwack, BC


Available to residents in need of short-term assistance and can be accessed once per month with a total of 12 per year. Clients must book an appointment with an intake worker from the Care & Share Centre.

Salvation Army Soup Kitchen

45746 Yale Rd,

Chilliwack, BC


Offers one free meal a day during the lunch hour and is for adults (19+) only.People with children are referred to the Food Bank.

Ruth and Naomi's Mission Community Dinner

46130 Margaret Ave

Chilliwack, BC


A safe house in the inner city of Chilliwack, they provide evening meals, clothing, showers, health information, counselling and spiritual guidance to the homeless as well as those in need.

Cyrus Center Youth Shelter

45845 Wellington Ave

Chilliwack, BC

604-795-5773 24/7 Resource Centre and Emergency Housing for homeless and vulnerable youth. Serves snacks, lunch, and dinner daily and is a satellite Food Bank location. Breakfast is available daily to youth living in its Emergency Housing Program

Better Beginnings Prenatal Nutrition Program

Neighbourhood Learning Center 46361 Yale Rd

Chilliwack, BC

604-701- 4678 ext 4 Pregnancy Outreach program dedicated to providing pregnant women and mothers with infants less than 6 months old with nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and infant care support. Breakfast and lunch on Thursday. Preregistration required, must be pregnant.

Single Parents in Need Program (S.P.I.N)

Christian Reformed Church

9800 McNaught Rd

Chilliwack, BC


S.P.I.N. provides support, workshops and a variety of activities with a Christian focus. Support group for single mothers and their children. Volunteers transport parents to and from the meeting when possible. Children are welcome to attend with their mothers and there is programming provided for them to give mothers a break. There is a special Christmas lunch with hampers provided from donations. Clothing donations and care packages are available.

Food Skills for Families Program

604- 732-1331 ext 248

Food Skills for Families is a hands-on program that makes healthy eating, shopping and cooking easy, quick and fun. Over 6 sessions, people learn how to make healthy meals, snacks and beverage choices and gain confidence in the kitchen. Programs are delivered to at risk populations, are supported by The Canadian Diabetes Association, and focus on healthy eating, not diabetes.