False Alarm Bylaw

False Alarm Bylaw
The City of Chilliwack is implementing an automated billing system to invoice property owners for false alarms which will come into full effect in September 2015.

What is a false alarm?
A false alarm is the activation of an alarm system resulting in the attendance of the RCMP or the Fire Department at the property when there is no apparent or actual evidence to merit such a call. (See Bylaw No. 3747 for a full description.)

Why is the City implementing this bylaw?
Starting in September 2015 the City will invoice property owners for false alarms in order to encourage people to reduce false alarms, which cause an unnecessary expense and take RCMP members or fire fighters away from real emergencies.

What can you do to prevent false alarms?
Did you know that 70 percent of false alarms are caused by user error? False alarms are an unnecessary expense that take RCMP and firefighters away from real emergencies. Here are some simple strategies to help prevent false alarms:

  • Know your codes and keep a list of who has your alarm’s code.
  • Use pet friendly sensors, which are designed to ignore the presence of pets up to a certain weight.
  • Secure all windows and doors before activating your home security system.
  • Watch for stray objects near motion detectors that could trigger a false alarm.
  • Drafts can move plants or curtains causing a false alarm.
  • If your alarm system uses batteries, ensure you replace them regularly.
  • Report damaged or faulty equipment to your security company.
  • Have your security company call you or a designated contact first in case of an alarm instead of the RCMP.

Thank you for taking steps today to ensure you minimize false alarms.