Kinder Morgan Pipeline Information

Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. is proposing to twin the existing pipeline through Chilliwack. The company has applied for a toll application, which only addresses the fees that they can charge their customers. The application for permission to construct is currently scheduled to be submitted in late 2013. Pipelines in Canada are regulated by the Federal Government through the National Energy Board and no City approvals are required for the pipeline construction.

The City of Chilliwack is taking an active role to ensure that public safety is protected throughout the process. The City has notified Kinder Morgan of initial concerns including:

  • Protection of the Sardis Aquifer
  • Protection of natural areas crossed by the pipeline right of way
  • Construction safety and restoration
  • Full public consultation is necessary

The City will continue to raise issues with Kinder Morgan as they are identified.  City staff are actively engaged in reviewing issues of concern based on material submitted by Kinder Morgan and issues raised by parties opposed to the pipeline proposal.  This process will continue throughout the term of the project.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed.  They can also write to their MP and MLA’s to express their opinion or concerns.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

For more information contact:

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