Agricultural Area Planning

Agriculture is an important part of Chilliwack’s landscape and economy: it accounts for 67% of the City’s total land base and 29% of economic activity. Chilliwack’s Official Community Plan (OCP) recognizes the importance of agriculture through goals and objectives that support effective growth management, and the strengthening of agriculture, through implementation of Chilliwack’s Agricultural Area Plan (AAP) in coordination, and consultation with the City’s Agricultural and Rural Advisory Committee; the Chilliwack Agricultural Commission - Business in Chilliwack and other community partners.

Agricultural area planning policies established by the City include:

Information on provincial regulations and policies regarding land in the Agricultural Land reserve can be found on the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission website.

Farm Home Plate

In 2017, Council adopted amendments to the OCP and Zoning Bylaw, establishing farm home plate regulations for the siting of, and area occupied by, new homes on valley floor farmland to minimize the impact of residential uses on farm land and protect farm land in the long term.

The farm home plate is defined as the portion of property where all residential and related buildings, structures and activities are located, leaving the balance of the property for agricultural use. A brochure on farm home plate regulations be found here.

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