A Guide to the Municipal Approvals Process in Chilliwack

Planning and Strategic Initiatives Department February 2010


The City of Chilliwack has prepared this information to assist you in understanding the process for obtaining a kennel licence. This information provides description and definitions of the:

  • Types of kennels;
  • Approval process, including Agricultural Land Commission and Ministry of Water, Land & Air Protection, Waste Management.

Upon review of the following information, anyone intending to submit an application for a kennel licence is urged to contact the Development and Regulatory Services Department for assistance.

What is a Kennel? 

The City has three types of kennels:

  • HOBBY KENNEL - any land, building or structure used for keeping no more than 5 pets for non-commercial purposes.
  • BREEDING KENNEL - any land, building or structure used for breeding of dogs or cats for commercial purposes, where no more than 10 dogs and cats over the age of 4 months are kept on the premises at any one time.
  • COMMERCIAL KENNEL - any land, building or structure used for breeding, boarding or training of dogs and cats for commercial purposes.  It may also include the business of grooming and sale of incidental grooming products.

Application Process

HOBBY KENNEL (maximum of 5 adult dogs) - generally permitted in all agricultural and rural areas, but not in urban residential areas.  A sketch plan showing the location of the kennel building on the property is required to be submitted with your Hobby Kennel Licence application.  The annual fee is $80.00 with discounts for early payment and pro-rating.

BREEDING KENNEL (maximum of 10 adult dogs) & COMMERCIAL KENNEL - requires agricultural or rural type zoning, and a minimum of 1 ha (2.47 acres) in area.  Approval is also required from the Ministry of Water, Land & Air Protection, Waste Management Branch.  The City of Chilliwack Zoning Bylaw requires fencing and siting of buildings.  Application for a Breeding Kennel or a Commercial Kennel is made under the City of Chilliwack Business Licence Bylaw, with an annual fee of $100.00.

Excerpt from Zoning Bylaw 2001, No. 2800, Section 6.01:

“(4) (c) breeding kennel, commercial kennel or animal pound shall not be permitted on a parcel smaller than 1 ha and shall have a perimeter fence around the internal compound to be used as a dog run/enclosure. The perimeter fence shall be chain link, stock wire, wood or other suitable material as may be approved by the City of Chilliwack following application for a building permit. It shall be a minimum height of 1.8m and shall be continuous apart from access gates, doors or attached buildings. The internal compound used to house the animals shall observe the animal enclosure setbacks of the Zone, without regard to the size of the structure concerned. Kennel uses may require prior approval of the Waste Management Branch, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, for any discharge of waste onto the ground.”

This information has been prepared to provide guidance only.  It is neither a bylaw nor legal document.  Please consult the Local Government Act and its Regulations and the City of Chilliwack Bylaws and applicable Codes for definite requirements and procedures.