2007 Transportation Report

April 18, 2018 - The Transportation Plan Update – Final Draft was provided to Mayor and Council for information and will be forwarded to the Transportation Advisory Committee for comment.

The City of Chilliwack is located 100 kilometres east of Vancouver, British Columbia, marking the start of the Fraser Valley. Chilliwack is one of the largest communities in the Fraser Valley, serving as one of the main economic, educational and cultural hubs in the area. The transportation system within the City provides a critical function to move people and goods effectively, safely and reliably on both the local and regional levels.

In response to the transportation challenges facing the community, the City has recognized the need to consolidate the transportation priorities in one document to be known as the Transportation Plan. The first City of Chilliwack Transportation Plan was completed in June 2001. The document guided the efforts of the City in the delivery of an efficient and cost-effective multi-modal transportation network.

With increasing population, economic activity, and growth in the last six years, the City of Chilliwack is facing several transportation challenges. The demand for improved road capacity needs to be balanced with the provision of services for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit. The economic benefits of providing parking need to be balanced with the impact of parking on mobility. In addition, the management of financial resources to prioritize transportation project spending needs to be completed within a framework that is based on sound technical analysis.


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