Downtown Neighbourhoods Strategic Plan


The Downtown Neighbourhood Planning began in 2006. The City was intent on strengthening the Downtown as a vibrant community of neighbourhoods over the next 30 years.  While developments would be primarily market-driven, City leadership and residents’ participation and support of the Downtown were critical.  In 2006 the City started a dialogue (through six open houses) with a community support group, the general public and the youth at two downtown schools.  This exhaustive public process and the technical collaboration between city staff and consultants culminated in the completion of the Downtown Neighbourhoods Strategic Plan.  In April 2008 City Council adopted the Plan and re-affirmed its commitments to the Downtown.

The Strategic Plan focuses on both vision and action.  In terms of vision, it employs much graphics to present three “milestones”: the next 10 years, 20 years, and beyond – in an effort to render the vision tangible and transparent. 

The Strategic Plan actually consists of three plans:

  • The Core Plan (commercial core and other critical business locations)
  • The Green Links
    (major downtown parks and recreation facilities, and a network of “green links” and bikeways along select cross town routes)
  • The Neighbourhoods Growth Plan  (development directives for 14 “distinct” areas, regarding their optimal use, desired character and appropriate density)

Being action-oriented, the Strategic Plan also recommends a new structure of City-general community partnerships to ensure a long-term leadership for future downtown growth and redevelopment.

Downtown Neighbourhood Growth Scenerios

In support of the Downtown Neighbourhoods Strategic Plan, City staff conducted a detailed land use and scenario analysis. Its purpose is threefold:

  • To ensure that the downtown neighbourhoods will have sufficient capacities for the projected population
  • To refine the Plan?s density guidelines and develop growth scenarios to show the neighbourhood?s housing characteristics at various density milestones
  • To explore the optimal capacity of the downtown neighbourhoods 

The report aims to answer the question: Could densification lead to “overcrowding” in the downtown neighbourhoods? It also highlights future housing priorities that the downtown redevelopment process should espouse in order to meet the diverse needs and social conditions of the downtown population.

 Final Version Of Phase 1 of Strategic Plan                                      APRIL 7, 2008

Download the final 28 page version of the plan.

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Downtown Neighbourhood Growth Scenerios Report 2011-06-08 3.13MB
OCP Amendment Staff Report 2009-02-16 61KB
OCP Bylaw No. 3515 for Strategic Plan 2011-06-07 7.06MB

2007-03-05: Final Version of the Plan

Download the final version of the "Downtown Neighbourhoods Strategic Plan" in PDF format (28 pages, 9234 KB)