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Rain Barrels

Rain barrels offer an alternate source of water for watering plants in and around the home. The City has purchased rain barrels and is offering them to residents at a subsidized cost.  The high quality containers are a great way to reduce summer demand on your water system.

Rain barrels can be purchased from the Engineering Department at City Hall (8550 Young Road).  Supplies are limited.  Large rain barrels are sold out for this year.  Please check in with us again in early spring of 2021.  Thank you for your interest in the rain barrel program and conserving water!

Limit of one (1) per household.  Residents must be connected to the City of Chilliwack's water  distrubution system.

Note: Rain Barrel must be located within 28" (71cm) of the downspout, and downspout must be a rectangular 2"x3" or 3"x4".

Rain Barrel Specifications:

Medium Large SOLD OUT



(80 Gallons)

520 L

(137 Gallons)


66 cm

(26 inches)

124 cm

(49 inches)


80 cm

(32 inches)

80 cm

(32 inches)


92 cm

(36 inches)

93 cm

(37 inches)

Cost $80 + taxes $130 + taxes SOLD OUT

Features The Rain Barrels are a rectangular design which sit flat against an exterior wall.  Both sizes come with a pedestal to maximize the amount of water available.

The installation kit comes with the rain barrel providing everything that you need (some tools required).  A rainwater diverter is installed into an existing downspout and when the rain barrel is full, the water simply flows over the diverter back into the downspout. 
Winterizing Before temperatures dip below freezing (before the first frost) it is important to winterize your rain barrel by completing the following:
  • Disconnect pipe from downspout and remove the diverter
  • Install plug where the diverter was removed
  • Drain the barrel completely
  • Leave the taps open

For more information, contact the Engineering Department at 604.793.2907.