Drug Section

The Drug Section is responsible for coordinating drug intelligence and prioritizing these investigations throughout Chilliwack. This section targets mid level drug traffickers who traffic in:

  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Ecstacy

By monitoring local trends, the Drug Section can develop a strategic direction to determine the most effective allocation of operational efforts.

Police powers in relation to open drug use

Police have the statutory authority to arrest for possession of a drug listed in the Controlled Drug and Substances Act. To arrest anyone, the police must have “Reasonable and Probable Grounds”. This requires more than suspicion. The arresting officer must be able to articulate the grounds for arrest. There must also be “Public Interest” to arrest. This is defined in the Criminal Code as the need to identify, seize evidence and/or stop the continuation of the offence.

Case law has determined that in Canada, past possession of drugs is not indicative of possession. This means that the police cannot arrest someone for drug possession if they have a used needle or if they have just injected or smoked a drug, unless the police have other grounds to believe that they still have a quantity of drugs in their possession. The fact that they just used drugs only proves that they had drugs, not that they have any now. The police cannot arrest someone for having drugs in their body.

Police enforcement actions around drugs are mostly focussed on targeting drug dealers rather than users.