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Updates from Chilliwack City Council

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July 16, 2020 – Chilliwack Pump Track Facility

Canada currently has 13 paved pump tracks, and the City of Chilliwack is about to add to that list. At our July 7, 2020 Council meeting, we awarded the contract for a pump track facility at the Landing to Velosolutions Bike Parks Canada, and planning is already underway. In 2019, we received additional one-time gas tax revenues and selected this exciting project to fund.

A pump track is a paved, looping circuit designed for bikes, scooters, skateboards, and more. The rollers along the track allow riders to build and carry momentum, rather than pedaling. With around 500 linear metres of track and a tunnel crossover, this facility will put Chilliwack on the map as it allows us to host both national and international level events. Once completed, our proposed pump track will be the largest in North America.

The customized design of this facility will lend itself to riders of all ages and experience levels. The design will feature a main starting platform and seven additional starting points. This will allow riders to make seven different travel patterns and help us attract major competitions to our city.

We also made the decision to incorporate artificial turf into this design in order to create an all-weather, year-round outdoor reactional facility, increasing durability and reducing maintenance costs and water consumption.

Site surveying and design work will be carried out through July and August, with construction in September and an anticipated opening in early November. Staff on this project team will be supported by design and construction personnel from Velosolutions Italy and Switzerland.

We look forward to watching this project unfold and seeing how it benefits Chilliwack!

- Mayor Popove, Councillors Kloot, Knott, Lum, Mercer, Shields, and Westeringh