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Flashing Blue Pavement Markers

Road conditions can differ greatly from one area to another on any given day. In order to help drivers stay aware of changing road conditions, the City of Chilliwack is piloting a new road safety device that will notify drivers of the potential for icy road conditions.

Flashing blue reflective pavement markers have been installed in the road along the centreline at 10 locations throughout the city. These pavement markers measure the temperature of the pavement and blue LED lights will flash when road temperatures dip below freezing.

The following locations will feature the blue pavement markers as part of the pilot program:

  • Chilliwack Mountain Road
  • Hope River Road
  • Old Orchard Road
  • Marble Hill Road (2 locations)
  • Teskey Way
  • Promontory Road (2 locations)
  • Vedder Mountain Road (2 locations)

These locations were selected for the pilot program because they are known to City staff for their potential for icy road conditions.

In some locations, the blue markers will be in view of the City’s traffic cameras, which will assist the Operations Department when implementing snow and ice control procedures. For example, if blue lights are flashing in one area, crews may want to make that location a priority to re-salt.

The flashing blue reflective pavement markers originated in Europe. Chilliwack is one of a few locations that are testing the use of this device in North America. City staff will test overall durability, and the device’s ability to withstand wet weather.

Using technology to measure road temperatures and warn drivers of freezing road temperatures should help drivers be better prepared to deal with changing road conditions.

Each site will include signage to educate drivers about the blue flashing lights on the centreline. The City will also seek community feedback over the coming months to help gauge the device’s effectiveness in our community.